Free Divorce Options Workshop--Thurs. September 21, 2023--live via Zoom, 5:15pm-6:45pm

Thinking about divorce or dissolution, legal separation, or getting a custody order? What approach is right for you?

This workshop is designed for members of the public who have questions about the divorce process.  All are welcome.   REGISTER HERE 

Options discussed include do-it-yourself dissolution, mediation, collaboration,
do-it-yourself litigation, and litigation with full legal representation.

The Alaska Association of Collaborative Professionals is a
multidisciplinary association of family lawyers, certified public
accountants, certified financial planners, mediators, and mental health professionals
with years of experience helping their clients through divorces and other family law cases.

The presenters for this Workshop will include a lawyer, a financial pro, and a family therapist.

Come and ask all those questions about how to get started with your divorce or family law case.   

Here's the registration link again: REGISTER

*(Note: this is not a legal clinic. If you need specific legal advice, or can't wait for the workshop, contact one of our professionals here:  Find a Professional   Often, they can cover the basic options in a short no-cost consultation.)