Why try Collaborative Law instead of going to trial?

There are several reasons:


If you have children together, your connection will not be severed.  Collaborative Law is a excellent option because it offers a way to resolve necessary matters without irrevocably damaging the relationship with the other parent.

Custom Solutions

The Collaborative Law process provides a safe and structured environment for people to communicate and negotiate with each other while represented by lawyers whose interest is in assisting their clients towards resolution. The process itself is designed to encourage creative problem-solving. Often when a dispute is settled using Collaborative Law, the agreement is better matched to the needs of the clients than the result they would have received from the traditional litigation model.


The entire process is confidential.  In the traditional litigation model, all of your private affairs are part of a public record for anyone to read.

Timing is in Your Control

Once a case is filed in court, timelines and deadlines are automatically imposed.  In the Collaborative Law model, the clients control timing.  Also, Collaborative Law is designed to avoid most of the problems usually associated with litigation such as the high cost and time-consuming nature of trial preparation, the wide-ranging and often invasive discovery into one's personal life or business activities, and the adversarial, hardball approach that fosters greater animosity between clients.