Who Are We?

We are lawyers, financial professionals and counselors dedicated to offering our clients a confidential, out-of-court, dignified approach to handle divorce, custody, modification and other family matters through the use of the collaborative law approach.

We believe that resolving legal conflicts collaboratively produces results that are in the best interests of our clients.

What is the Collaborative Process?

The Collaborative Process offers an out-of-court alternative to divorcing couples who wish to avoid the cost, stress and unpredictability of divorce litigation.  In a Collaborative case, each party is represented by an attorney.  Working together as a team in joint sessions, the parties, their attorneys and allied professionals seek to identify the needs, interests and priorities of each family member as well as the areas where the parties disagree.  The Collaborative “team” then assists the parties in using problem-solving strategies to resolve these disagreements and to arrive at a carefully thought out settlement, which meet the needs of each family member.

How does the Collaborative Process Work?

At the beginning of every Collaborative case, the attorneys, the parties, and other participating professionals enter into a written agreement, which sets out the guidelines for the process and which disqualifies the attorneys and other allied professionals from participating in divorce litigation between the parties if the Collaborative Process does not result in a settlement or is otherwise unsuccessful.    The disqualification requirement ensures that the Collaborative attorneys focus on the success of the process and prevents either attorney from resorting to the threat of taking a case to trial.  It allows parties to focus on their goals and interests rather than on the prospect of having a judge decide their future.

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