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J. Stefan Otterson

Otterson Law & Mediation, P.C.
Lawyer, Mediator
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Anchorage, Alaska 99501
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The collaborative process is the best way to manage any family problem which has legal aspects.   The beauty of collaborative work is that all the time, expense, and energy is focused on stabilizing the situation and then developing a forward looking plan for the parties.    

I have practiced law in Anchorage for 30 years, and throughout that period, I have worked to develop skills to resolve conflict without litigation.  My experience includes commercial, employment, administrative, family law, probate and guardianships, adoptions, child advocacy and juvenile delinquency.  I mediate in these and other areas, and offer collaborative legal representation in divorce and separation.

Although I represent litigants in family and other matters, I strongly recommend that separating or divorcing couples consider the collaborative approach as the most dependable way to achieve a fair resolution and a working plan for the future. It is sometimes less expensive, and it is ALWAYS less damaging and more efficient and productive than litigation.

My training relating to collaborative law:

Date Course Instructor Hours
2018 IACP Institute & Educational Forum, Seattle WA International Faculty 19
2017 Advance Collaborative Team Training Liz Ferris 12
2016 Your Biases: How it Affects Your Clients & Judicial Decision Making Jeff Rachlinski 3
2015 Managing & Mediating High Conflict Disputes Bill Eddy 12
2014 Advanced Collaborative Team Training Linda Solomon, Melinda Eitzen, Scott Clarke 14
2014 Divorce Skills & Advanced Divorce Skills Larry Rice 13
2014 IACP Educational Forum, Vancouver BC International Faculty 19
2013 Advanced Collaborative Team Training AACP 5
2012 Working with Allied Collaborative Professionals AACP 7
2011 Advanced Collaborative Training AACP 5
2010 Advanced Collaborative Law Training AACP 5
2010 Appellate Mediation in Federal and State Courts Alaska Bar Assoc. 2.5
2009 Advanced Collaborative Law Training Mariette Geldenhuys, 7
2008 Basic Collaborative Law Training Sue Brunsting, Mariette Geldenhuys 14
2008 Divorce Mediation Training Zena Zumeta 24
2005 CINA Mediation Training Bernie Mayer 28
2002 Conflict Resolution Training Bernie Mayer, CDR Assoc. 21
2001 Mediation Training Mary Margaret Golten, CDR Assoc. 40